Smart Irrigation

We have several ongoing projects whose objectives are to develop a wide variety of tools which will enable farmers to better utilize their water resources.
The projects range from developing smartphone apps for scheduling irrigation to developing smart wireless soil moisture sensing systems.

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Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency of agricultural production efficiency by optimizing the use of inputs. We have been involved in precision agriculture projects for more than 15 years.
Our latest work is on variable rate application of nitrogen on cotton and on using RTK-based GPS guidance for planting and inverting peanuts.

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Water & Climate

Our program on water and climate has ranged from understanding the dynamics of dissolved oxygen in blackwater streams and rivers of the southeastern Coastal Plain to understanding how climate variability and climate change will affect the production of bioenergy feedstocks in the Southeast.
We are members of the Southeast Climate Consortium (SECC) and work closely with SECC members at other institutions.

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The TransAtlantic Precision Agriculture Consortium (TAPAC) consists of agricultural scientists and engineers at three southeastern land grant universities and three European Union (EU) universities dedicated to fostering the global awareness and competence of their students, faculty and staff. Dr. George Vellidis leads the consortium.
As the name implies, TAPAC operates under the umbrella of precision agriculture – a common teaching, research, and outreach endeavor of all six universities.

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