Dual M.S. Degree between the University of Georgia and the University of Padova (Italy)

This Dual Degree program was designed to prepare graduates to face the challenges of 21st century agriculture. The University of Georgia (UGA) and University of Padova, Italy (UNIPD) have partnered to develop a collaborative program that focuses on creating an atmosphere for students to conduct innovative research dedicated to solving problems that emerge and threaten food production and food security. Students in this program will develop an in-depth understanding of local and international challenges facing sustainable agriculture, as well as gain first-hand international perspectives of their research areas of interest and an appreciation for cultural diversity.

Degree(s) Awarded:

Degree Code: MS_CRSS

The UGA Department of Crop and Soil Sciences and the UNIPD Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and Environment (DAFNAE) offer this Dual Degree program. For UGA students, this program is housed within the M.S. in Crop and Soil Sciences program. Students at UGA who wish to obtain the dual degree must enroll in the M.S. in Crop and Soil Sciences program and select an area of emphasis in Sustainable Agriculture. To participate in the Dual Degree program, students must be admitted to both institutions. Upon successful completion of the Dual Degree Program, students will be awarded M.S. Degrees by UGA and UNIPD.

Students beginning the Dual Degree program at UGA must enroll in courses at UGA during their first year, then enroll in courses and conduct research at UNIPD their second year. Students beginning at UNIPD must enroll in courses at UNIPD their first year, then enroll in courses and conduct research at UGA their second year. Course requirements and an example program of study for students beginning either at UGA or UNIPD can be found here. All courses at UNIPD are taught in English.

Most UGA students participating in the Dual Degree program will receive financial aid during their first year in the form of 40%-time assistantships that currently pay $18,078/year for the M.S. degree. All students on assistantship will pay a reduced tuition of $25. Students are responsible for paying incidental fees only, which amount to about $1000 per year. Students on 40%-time assistantships are expected to work an average of 16 hours per week over and beyond the work required to carry out their own research projects.

Participating students who begin the Dual Degree program at UGA will receive a full tuition waiver from UNIPD during their second year.  Students are responsible for paying fees only (including, but not limited to regional fees and insurance). UNIPD shall endeavor to provide scholarships for these participants.  Students who begin the Dual Degree program at UNIPD will receive financial aid in the form of a 40% assistantship while in their second year at UGA.